Brussels South Charleroi Airport Parking

Parking is available for passengers flying out of Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

The Charleroi Airport in Belgium is a busy airport that serves many passengers each day. Parking can be challenging for travelers, so it's essential to consider your options in advance. There are several parking lots near the Airport and a few off-site options.

The most convenient option is to park in the Airport's parking garage, just a short walk from the Terminal. However, this option can be expensive. Another option is to park in one of the nearby public parking lots, which are typically cheaper but may require a shuttle bus to the Terminal.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to allow enough time to find a parking spot and get to your flight on time.

To obtain any additional information, you are asked to call the Parking Service Center at the following number: +32 7815 2722.

P1 Parking

The P1 premium car park is an enclosed parking lot monitored by security personnel and provides direct access to the terminals. It is suggested that you make a reservation.

P2 Parking

A safe parking option near the terminals is provided by the P2 car park. It is the perfect parking spot for trips lasting a few hours to many days. It is advised that you make reservations online.

P3 Parking

One of the official parking lots at Charleroi Airport is the P3 Low-cost car park. It is the lot with the lowest rates. It is about 25 minutes on foot from the Terminal where it is situated. Only those with reservations will be accommodated.

P4 Parking

The Foot & Fly P4 car park is a safe parking lot that provides a fee that is among the most affordable in the area (the best rate). Perfect for parking over a long period. Only accessible through our website.


The Lock parking lot is a premium, covered, and ultra-secure parking lot. The parking lot is also located the closest to the terminals. It is necessary to make reservations.

Please make your parking reservations through this website, which may be found at

Express Parking

Express Parking, the lot nearest to the terminals, charges €2 for the first half an hour of parking.

Parking Tips at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

You might be able to prevent frustrating Airport parking situations by following these ideas. You should get started on your journey and plan to arrive at the Airport at least one hour before your flight is due to leave.

If you do it this way, you won't have to risk driving aimlessly looking for a parking spot. In addition, it can prevent you from getting to the Airport on time, which would be a significant inconvenience.

Take a look at the map of the Airport. Before you leave, make sure you are familiar with the terminals, gates, access routes, and parking lots of the Airport.

If you have a bag, you should never forget the distance from your parking location to the airport gates. In addition, you need to find out if there are any shuttle buses in the surrounding area.

Traffic from the parking lot can cause a backup at the Airport's security checkpoint and the boarding gates. This is a problem during high-volume travel times such as the holidays, rush hours, and summer vacations.

High passenger counts inevitably lead to overcrowding and slower service in airport shuttles, which are frustrating experiences for passengers. It is difficult to predict how your day-to-day activities may be disrupted due to security measures that may be implemented.

You need to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get to the Airport by car because road construction and maintenance can cause delays on the road, which could prevent you from arriving on time at your parking area. You should make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the Airport by car.

Map of Car Parks at Brussels South Charleroi Airport