Brussels South Charleroi Airport Arrivals (CRL)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Skopje (SKP) Wizz Air W64717 09:10 Scheduled
Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR613 09:10 08:50 Landed
Budapest (BUD) Wizz Air W62281 09:35 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR1301 09:35 Scheduled
Tangier (TNG) Ryanair FR8074 09:50 Scheduled
Treviso (TSF) Ryanair FR1521 09:55 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Lauda Europe FR87 09:55 Scheduled
Fez (FEZ) Ryanair FR5002 10:20 Scheduled
Perpignan (PGF) Ryanair FR1385 10:30 Scheduled
Verona (VRN) Ryanair FR9102 10:40 Scheduled
Rodez (RDZ) Ryanair FR6262 10:50 Scheduled
Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR3533 10:50 Scheduled
Figari (FSC) Ryanair FR4567 10:55 Scheduled
Tenerife (TFS) Ryanair FR564 11:00 Scheduled
Lodz (LCJ) Ryanair FR9885 11:10 Scheduled
Olbia (OLB) Ryanair FR6520 11:45 Scheduled
Beziers (BZR) Ryanair FR4823 11:50 Scheduled
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Ryanair FR9546 11:50 Scheduled
Sarajevo (SJJ) Ryanair FR3616 11:55 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR3938 12:00 Scheduled
Podgorica (TGD) Ryanair FR4812 12:05 Scheduled
Reus (REU) Ryanair FR2829 12:10 Scheduled
Stockholm (ARN) Ryanair FR4628 12:10 Scheduled
Bratislava (BTS) Ryanair FR2974 12:15 Scheduled
Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC921 12:20 Scheduled
Iasi (IAS) Ryanair FR9551 12:25 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Ryanair FR8299 12:35 Scheduled
Bordeaux (BOD) Ryanair FR8926 12:45 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Ryanair FR67 12:45 Scheduled
Gerona (GRO) Ryanair FR6901 12:55 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

There are considerations to ensure a smooth arrival at the Airport in Brussels, Belgium.

Get familiar with the Airport's layout ahead of time so you know where your gate is and how to get there. Second, you should always give yourself some buffer time in case of delays (such as those caused by security checks or other unforeseen circumstances). Last but not least, make sure you have ground transportation arranged ahead of time.

The Brussels South Charleroi Airport has a designated Baggage Claim area where you can collect your bags and other things after landing. Passengers with unclaimed bags can contact the Brussels South Charleroi Airport Lost and Found at +32 7815 2722 or the nearest Information Desk.

There are a few key things to keep in mind before flying to Belgium. First, Belgium is a small country located in Western Europe. It is bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. As such, it is easily accessible from many major European cities.

Second, Belgium is known for its food, beer, and chocolate. In particular, Brussels is known for its waffles and chocolate. Finally, Belgium is home to several historical and cultural sites, including the city of Bruges, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wi-Fi at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Wi-Fi service is available throughout all indoor public areas at the Airport, including the main terminal, departure gates, and baggage claim areas.

Passengers can use it for free for up to two hours each day.

Transfer Services at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Transfer services such as rental cars, taxis, rideshares, shuttles, and buses are some ground transportation options available at this Airport.

Rental Car Services at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Car Rental Services are located in the terminal's Arrivals Hall. The rental facility is generally open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but you may also speak with your service provider about specific service hours and return procedures. See and compare all rental car companies at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

To expedite the procedure, please have your valid driver's license, passport, and credit card ready to present at the desk when picking up your vehicle.

Once you have provided the required documentation, someone will bring you your car key and show you where your vehicle is kept.

Plan and reserve your rental car well in advance of your vacation. Also, confirm your reservation with your rental car company before your trip.

Customers must always adhere to the rental company's Terms & Conditions.

Ride Shares at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

You may use ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft to avoid pricey airport cabs and get to your destination at a far lower cost. This service may be more economical than taking a taxi to and from the Airport.

Passengers are picked up in the designated area in front of the terminal building by ridesharing services.

Passengers can reserve rideshares by downloading the company's mobile app and communicating directly with their driver. Additionally, they can schedule a ride a few days before travel to avoid disruption.

For enhanced safety, ridesharing apps should allow users to verify drivers' identities by examining their faces and license plates.

Taxis at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Airport taxi services are becoming an increasingly prevalent mode of transport. Obtaining a taxi outside the Airport can be difficult due to the large number of passengers seeking transportation at once.

The one-way ticket between the Airport and Downtown Brussels should be approximately 90 Euros, depending on the location. See more information about taxis at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

When traveling from the Airport, don't forget to document the taxi company, vehicle number, and driver's name in case you leave something behind.

Trains at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Trains are available at this Airport. Please follow the directions to the train station inside the terminal building. More information about train services near Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Buses at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Shuttle buses are available from the Ground Transportation Center in front of the airport terminal. Please book a reservation ahead of your arrival. More information about buses to and from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Numerous hotels inside the city offer shuttle services. Passengers can confirm whether or not this is accessible at their lodging.

Shuttles pick up passengers at a specific spot in front of the terminal at the Ground Transportation Center.

Parking at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

The Airport provides parking spaces for its customers. Parking is only available on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations are required. See more information about short and long term parking at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

On-site credit card/cash payments. For parking emergencies, call +32 7815 2722.

Other Services at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

ATMs at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Arrivals have multiple ATMs. Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted. Possible fees. Check fees and withdrawal limits.

Some banks may provide restrictions when drawing funds from an international location. You might need to notify your bank to ensure safe and convenient access to your funds when traveling abroad.

Currency Exchange at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Currency exchange is not available at this facility.

Nursing Stations at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

There are designated areas for nursing mothers or special quarters for families traveling with children at the Airport. Please approach the Airport Information Desk for assistance.

Restrooms at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

The Airport has accessible and regular restrooms. Clean, easy-to-find toilets.

Food and Beverages at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

If you're traveling to this Airport, check out the food and beverage options at the Airport.

There are several shops where you can find everything from hot dogs to sushi. You can also buy snacks, drinks, and even take-out food.

Shopping at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Arriving passengers can buy last-minute items at this facility.

Smoking at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

You can only smoke in certain places outside the terminals. Please always follow the rules about smoking in the building.

Lost and Found Section at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

If you lose something on the plane or at the gate, notify the airline's lost and found.

Call the Lost and Found Section at +32 7815 2722 if you lost an item in any other section of the Airport, including security checkpoints and shuttle buses.

When leaving your details for lost items(s), please include your full name, contact details, phone, email, and a description of the item(s).

Airport Information Desk at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

The Airport Information Desk can help you obtain valuable guidelines on flights, facilities, and travel options in and around the Airport.

Look for the service counter in the lobby. Phone: +32 7125 1259.

Pet Relief at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Pet relief areas are in a designated area outside of the terminal. Before flying with your pet, check with the airline about any restrictions or special rules.

When allowed, pets must be in robust receptacles (kennels) that prevent escape. In enclosed public settings, pet owners must observe community guidelines.

Your airline can give pet documents.

Baggage Claim at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Please retrieve your luggage from your designated Baggage Claim on the terminal's Ground Level. There are carts provided to help passengers with special requirements.

If items are missing, contact your airline or ticket counter. Call +32 7815 2722 for missing or damaged luggage. Include your name, email, phone number, and a description of the missing item on the lost baggage form (s).

Disabled Passengers at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Please notify the airline before traveling if you have a handicap or are traveling with a passenger who has a medical condition or special needs.

When applicable, the best trip itinerary should include airport transfers, as well as transportation choices, and emergency care.

Make these plans far in advance to minimize disappointment when you arrive.

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In June 2023, the airport witnessed a remarkable 8.33% increase in passenger numbers compared to the same month in 2019, a pre-pandemic benchmark.