Flights, Arrivals & Departures at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Iasi (IAS) Wizz Air W43661 07:00 Scheduled
Marseille (MRS) Ryanair FR4839 07:30 Scheduled
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Wizz Air W43351 07:45 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Wizz Air W62281 08:00 Scheduled
Skopje (SKP) Wizz Air W67717 08:15 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Malta Air FR3938 08:20 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air W43081 08:30 Scheduled
Palma Mallorca (PMI) Lauda Europe FR7830 08:35 Scheduled
Warsaw (WAW) Wizz Air W61381 08:35 Scheduled
Krakow (KRK) Ryanair FR4935 08:45 Scheduled
Bergamo (BGY) Ryanair FR3659 09:10 Scheduled
Marrakech (RAK) Ryanair FR71 09:20 Scheduled
Prague (PRG) Ryanair FR69 09:25 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Wizz Air W48211 09:45 Scheduled
Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR613 10:35 Scheduled
Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC801 10:35 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR1387 10:40 Scheduled
Agadir (AGA) Ryanair FR8173 10:50 Scheduled
Sevilla (SVQ) Ryanair FR6445 10:55 Scheduled
Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR3746 11:10 Scheduled
Rome (CIA) Ryanair FR5068 11:20 Scheduled
Napoli (NAP) Ryanair FR1303 11:35 Scheduled
Manises (VLC) Ryanair FR1686 11:50 Scheduled
Bordeaux (BOD) Ryanair FR1389 12:05 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Ryanair FR8299 12:40 Scheduled
Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR3533 13:15 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR6268 13:35 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64327 13:35 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR2834 14:05 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR3609 15:35 Scheduled
Puerto del Rosario (FUE) Ryanair FR9724 15:35 Scheduled
Tenerife (TFS) Ryanair FR564 16:00 Scheduled
Bergamo (BGY) Ryanair FR4475 16:05 Scheduled
Essaouira (ESU) Ryanair FR5281 16:15 Scheduled
Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR3222 16:20 Scheduled
Tangier (TNG) Ryanair FR8074 17:10 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR1915 17:35 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR1301 18:55 Scheduled
Gudja (MLA) Ryanair FR2955 19:00 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Ryanair FR87 19:35 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Ryanair FR54 20:15 Scheduled
Edinburgh (EDI) Ryanair FR7322 20:15 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air Malta W46625 20:15 Scheduled
Turin (TRN) Ryanair FR4865 20:55 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR6084 21:00 Scheduled
Lanzarote (ACE) Ryanair FR8175 21:05 Scheduled
Rabat (RBA) Ryanair FR6933 21:10 Scheduled
Marseille (MRS) Ryanair FR6315 21:30 Scheduled
Treviso (TSF) Ryanair FR4939 21:40 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR78 22:25 Scheduled
Rome (CIA) Ryanair FR9719 22:35 Scheduled
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Ryanair FR9546 22:50 Scheduled
Thessaloniki (SKG) Ryanair FR4998 22:50 Scheduled
Amman (AMM) Ryanair FR5105 22:55 Scheduled
Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR9052 22:55 Scheduled
Vantaa (HEL) Ryanair FR9327 22:55 Scheduled
Oujda (OUD) Ryanair FR8775 22:55 Scheduled
Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Fuerteventura (FUE) Ryanair FR9723 06:30 Scheduled
Tenerife (TFS) Ryanair FR563 06:30 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) Ryanair FR1302 06:35 Scheduled
Rome (CIA) Ryanair FR5069 06:45 Scheduled
Valencia (VLC) Ryanair FR1687 06:45 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Ryanair FR8298 06:55 Scheduled
Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR614 07:15 Scheduled
Iasi (IAS) Wizz Air W43662 07:35 Scheduled
Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR3534 07:40 Scheduled
Marseille (MRS) Ryanair FR4838 07:55 Scheduled
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Wizz Air W43352 08:20 Scheduled
Essaouira (ESU) Ryanair FR5280 08:30 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Wizz Air W62282 08:35 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Malta Air FR3939 08:45 Scheduled
Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Lauda Europe FR7831 09:00 Scheduled
Skopje (SKP) Wizz Air W67718 09:00 Scheduled
Krakow (KRK) Ryanair FR4934 09:10 Scheduled
Warsaw (WAW) Wizz Air W61382 09:10 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR1300 09:15 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air W43082 09:15 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR2835 09:20 Scheduled
Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR3660 09:35 Scheduled
Prague (PRG) Ryanair FR68 09:50 Scheduled
Marrakesh (RAK) Ryanair FR70 10:00 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Wizz Air W48212 10:20 Scheduled
Tangier (TNG) Ryanair FR8073 10:45 Scheduled
Agadir (AGA) Ryanair FR8172 11:15 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR1916 11:25 Scheduled
Seville (SVQ) Ryanair FR6444 11:25 Scheduled
Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC802 11:30 Scheduled
Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR3745 11:35 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR1386 11:50 Scheduled
Lanzarote (ACE) Ryanair FR8174 12:10 Scheduled
Bordeaux (BOD) Ryanair FR1388 12:30 Scheduled
Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR4474 12:35 Scheduled
Amman (AMM) Ryanair FR5104 12:40 Scheduled
Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR3223 13:05 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR6269 14:00 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64328 14:10 Scheduled
Rabat (RBA) Ryanair FR6932 14:20 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR6083 14:55 Scheduled
Oujda (OUD) Ryanair FR8774 16:30 Scheduled
Thessaloniki (SKG) Ryanair FR4997 16:35 Scheduled
Helsinki (HEL) Ryanair FR9328 16:50 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR79 17:10 Scheduled
Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR9053 17:20 Scheduled
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Ryanair FR9547 17:20 Scheduled
Rome (CIA) Ryanair FR9720 18:00 Scheduled
Venice (TSF) Ryanair FR4938 18:00 Scheduled
Malta (MLA) Ryanair FR2956 19:25 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR3610 19:30 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Ryanair FR86 20:10 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Ryanair FR55 20:40 Scheduled
Edinburgh (EDI) Ryanair FR7323 20:45 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air Malta W46626 20:50 Scheduled
Turin (TRN) Ryanair FR4864 21:20 Scheduled
Marseille (MRS) Ryanair FR6316 21:55 Scheduled

Flying To and From Brussels South Charleroi Airport

This page provides information about the destinations that can be reached via Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

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In June 2023, the airport witnessed a remarkable 8.33% increase in passenger numbers compared to the same month in 2019, a pre-pandemic benchmark.